Wealth Creation Tools For Your Financial Well-being.

Your financial legacy begins with changing your money mindset and habits.

And finally, controlling YOUR money.  A personal banking system allows you to do that.

What if…

You could finance college, buy a new dream car, or purchase your dream home without ever going through a traditional bank, or generate weekly income without trading time for money?

What if…

you could build your own personal bank with a steady growing tax-free cash reserve that you can use whenever you want, for whatever you want and NEVER worry about risking it in the stock market?

You can!

Build your own personal bank with My Personal Banking System™. This is a personal finance wealth creation strategy that uses a cash value whole life insurance policy*, in addition to market trading tools and training for consistent income.

• You will never worry about being turned down by traditional banks again to finance your dream life.

• You will never worry about whether you’ll lose money if the markets tank.

• You will never worry if the government will tax you on what you have in your personal bank system.

• And, you will never worry again about not having a financial legacy to leave for your loved ones.


Learn about three important tax regulations that protect your wealth creation efforts, and five pillars of sustainable wealth growth.

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My Personal Banking System™ uses generally available whole life policies and riders, investment education and information for market trading, and other wealth creation tools. The information presented here is for educational purposes only and is not a solicitation for the purchase of any insurance or financial product, or individual trading advice. All outcomes are solely at the risk of the policy holder, and any market trading is very risky and not for everyone.  Your decision to implement any of the strategies outlined in training videos or materials is at your sole risk and discretion.  No guarantees are implied or expressed in these training and informational materials. Excess policy loans can result in termination of a policy. A policy that lapses or is surrendered can potentially result in tax consequences. Your results will be different from those shown on this site or any other promotional materials.  My Personal Banking System™ strategy is custom tailored and results are varied for each client..


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