kim harris legacy creator

Your money is a direct reflection of your mindset about it.

To some people, money is like an elusive lover with whom you can never secure a commitment.  And the primary reason is there is no strategy.

It’s time to be strategic about how to master your money game!

Wealth, for all intents and purposes, is relative. Money should be considered a tool to be used, not as a master to be served.

Wealth is its own language and you must learn to speak it fluently if you ever hope to communicate your desire for it. It all begins with mindset.

In this book you will learn 25 mindset hacks and habits of the rich that will put you on the path to creating your wealth legacy. Using the wisdom of Napoleon Hill and Wallace D. Wattles, plus my own personal experience in the financial sector, you will understand that wealth is achievable.

You will also learn how to implement a signature strategy for creating a life you deserve and a legacy worth leaving behind.

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