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Wealth Creation – Is It Just About Money?

Wealth creation, is it just about money?

It’s relative.  It could be about balance and time freedom. Ironically, the harder most people work to achieve this goal, the more elusive it becomes for them.  A wealthy friend of mine made a very profound statement to me once during a conversation we were having about wealth creation.  He said, “…the matter of money will always be about us, but the matter of wealth is electively relative.”  The concept seemed complicated at first, but then as we continued the discussion, I realized that he was right.

Money is always at the forefront of our daily lives; it is necessary to survive and thrive.  It is the measuring stick of how we are percieved by others, yet, the absence of it can bring us into a state of ruin.  Wealth on the other hand, is different.  It is achieved only with the decision to make adjustments to attain it.  It is about choosing how we will balance our lives to achieve the wealth we desire, and that is based on what our perceptions are about what it means to be happy; what it means to live fulfilled.  Our very definition of wealth is as unique as every individual that walks the earth.  No two people view wealth the same.

No matter the level of wealth you desire, minimalistic or exhorbitant, the means only come by the accumulation of the money to support it.

From my personal experience, I have had hundreds of thousands of dollars during my working years. Hard earned money that I worked and sacrificed time away from my son when he was a baby to justify making a “better” life for him.  And with one swipe of fate’s hand, I lost it all…gone, zeroed-out, penniless.  It truly changed my life and perspective about money and wealth.

Wealth is always achievable.  It is strategically attained.  What strategies you use to achieve a wealthy status is yours alone.

Even though it took a long time to rebuild my financial foundation, my wealth creation strategies are precise and all I have lost has been regained, and multiplied.  Having a personal banking system keeps more of your hard earned cash in your hands.

When you learn to master your money game, wealth becomes the by-product.

Money wisdom comes from money folly, and the wisest of us know that we can all be foolish with money from time to time.  Mastering the game of money requires a healthy mindset about it and the discipline to cultivate its growth.

How do you define wealth? It’s a rhetorical question, but think about it.

Using money to invest in tools like stocks and options, life insurance, fine art, real estate, gold, and other commodities will bring you to your definition of wealth.  Mine is time-freedom.  Doing what I want , when I want, and never worrying about money  again.

Here’s to your remarkable life and legacy…




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