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One Wealth Creation Habit That Will Enrich You

Creating new habits seem easy enough, especially, if you have an interest in a particular outcome.  Let’s say becoming rich!

Habits are formed over time, and for most people the habits they are operating under are those which have been infused in their subsconscious since childhood.  Some of these habits are really good for you, and others are really bad for you.

Our habits of spending and saving is where we are most impacted, because our money beliefs surface in these habits.  And if we are struggling with money, our habits of spending are the culprit.  So, to change it we must create new habits to create our wealth and focus on enhancing our savings habits.

Wealthy people learned how to be wealthy.  They created habits that moved them in the direction of wealth.  They eliminated habits that didn’t work for them and replaced them with new ones.  They inject these new habits often, sometimes everyday.  One such habit is reading…yes, good books always do the trick.

They create personal in-home wealth creation libraries where they spend 30 minutes or more each day reading.  Author Tom Corley, wrote the book Change Your Habits, Change Your Life.  In fact, his research shows that rich people read 2 or more books every month and devote 30 minutes or more a day to reading.

Simple enough are some habits that wealthy people do everyday, that you can do now, without a subconscious overhaul.  Reading for example, seems simple enough, however, you will have to create the habit of carving out time to read.  That may be a bit of a challenge, but, when you do, you can focus on reading books that will enhance your intellectual capital when it comes to wealth creation.

The very first book I read on #wealthcreation was George S. Clason, The Richest Man in Babylon.  That was more than 30 years ago! and, I still own my copy.  In fact, I bout my son his own copy for his 26th birthday to help him to start implementing all the foundational pieces of his own wealth creation strategy.

People who don’t really care for reading physical books can always opt for audio books.  I prefer real books, I can turn the pages with and dog-ear or mark up in yellow highlighter.

Classic wealth creation titles include, Napoleon Hill’s – Think and Grow Rich, Bob Proctor’s – You Were Born Rich,  Tony Robbins – Money: Master the Game, and tons of other books.

Reading books not only expand your knowledge base, but it opens you up to new ideas and creativity.  You expand your vocabulary and spark your imagination.

There are many benefits to reading, but even more when it is deliberate to expanding your knowledge in wealth creation.

Take a step to creating your wealth creation library, and create the habit of reading often…the more you know – the more your grow (and that includes your bank account)!

Here’s to your remarkable life and legacy!



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