Every aspect of life is your legacy. The lifestyle we enjoy...the places we see...the experiences we have!
We show you how to align your money game to assist you in your dream life.  Your life is your legacy --- live it well! 


Your legacy is built around the work you do in the world and for the world.  Are you an entrepreneur looking to expand your business, seeking ways to optimize your sytems, or get access to business credit that won't affect your personal credit?  Our team can help. 


It's the sum total of who you are...your life and your work.  Take a step to ensure that you are creating a legacy worth leaving behind by ensuring protection for you and your family.  Not sure where to begin?  No worries, book your free consultation to get started!


Kim was professional and made everything well understood. She helped me receive money owed by the government.  I am so glad I reached out and she agreed to help me.

J. Goldwire

Kim is the consumate professional.  She over-delivers and provides consistent updates.   She knows her stuff and has all the resources necessary to do the job!

K. Borokini

As of today, my company’s existence has evolved! Kim Harris after our session today I believe in you and what you have to offer me on a personal and business level. Thank you once again and I’m looking forward to working with you from now until.

Theresa Noel-Bachan

Kim understands about our business & requirements clearly and points us out to the right direction. She helps with the required materials to proceed further. Highly experienced. I am very glad to work with her.

Kishore Kotapati

Great source of information and Kim is very easy to work with!

Steve Kadlec

It's Time to Live Remarkably & Create a Legacy Worth Leaving Behind™

Your Financial Legacy Depends on Your Financial Capability.

That takes more than "wishing". 

It takes STRATEGY.

Let me be real with you...

Most people are financially literate, meaning they know the basics of  finance;  how to save, budget, balance a check book and maybe sock some money away in a job sponsored 401(k).

But the majority of people are NOT FINANCIALLY CAPABLE, meaning they know little about how to create wealth through assets.  They know they want to be financially "free", and well, that word alone keeps them from experiencing the abundance they desire in their finances.  But, more importantly, they are stuck in the "grind" of trading their hours for dollars.  (Another word that makes allowing money difficult!)

Most people believe if they just earn more, they can have more. The reality is, earning money will never make you wealthy. NEVER!



  • Owning Your Money Story
  • Strong Beliefs That You Are Worthy of Wealth
  • and, A Solid Strategy to Generate Wealth To Last Generations


Our signature wealth creation education training, Silk Stocking Method™ is designed to help you own your  money story, reinforce positive beliefs about money, and provide you with a clear and direct path to achieve a wealth legacy.


YOU!  If you desire to uncover and remove the blocks to your prosperity, abundance, and wealth (which impacts every area of life), then you are on the right path.  This personal journey is about mastering YOUR money game, and our goal is to give you the tools to do just that!

Start Your Wealth Journey Today!